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Repair Service

Repair Service
Our expert technicians are available should you require any service for repairs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1st Hour @ $125.00/hour (one-hour minimum charge applicable)

Additional Time @ $90.00/hour

*additional charges may apply for out of area service calls, please contact us for more info. (taxes extra)


Please Refer To Your User's Manual For Additional Info.

With any gate automation system, it is recommended to inspect on a periodic basis the following:

**NOTE** Always shut off power and disconnect any backup batteries prior to servicing.

Linear Actuators:

• Check wiring or tubing leading from the ground to the control box for signs of damage.
• Check for loosened attachment points on both ends of the actuator arm(s).
• Recommend lubricating the push/pull tube with a heavy duty silicone spray that you can purchased locally. Simply wipe down the push pull tube with the arm extended out and retract the arm back in after spraying.
• Check & test battery condition, replace if needed (Every 3 years recommended for best preformance). Always wear protective gloves and eyewear while handling batteries.
• Inspect driveway gate operation.
• Inspect driveway gate leaf hinges (ensure that they swing freely).
• Inspect gate for wear, or damage.
• Test safety accessories (ie photo eye sensors) to ensure they are functioning.

Sliding Gates:

• Check gate and hardware for signs of damage, or wear & tear.
• Test system operation and limits (where gate travels to and from).
• Test reversal stall force.
• Test all accessories for proper functioning
• Test photo eye sensors and safety devices for proper functioning
• Check all wiring connections
• Test backup batteries/Check voltage (battery replacement recommended after 3 Years). Always wear protective gloves and eye wear while handling batteries.
• Lubricate drive chain & sprocket (adjust if required)
• Check belt & pulley for excessive slack, wear or damage
• Check all fasteners
• Check rollers - (Adjust, and/or tighten bolts if required)

Powder Coat Finish:

• To help preserve your powder coat finish, it is recommended to periodically wash your gates, fence panels, posts down using a mild detergent and soft cloth (more frequent washing is recommended for locations near the ocean). If automated, take precautionary measures to avoid saturating any of the electronics. Do not attempt to use any abrasive materials on your gates as this may wear off the finish, pressure washing also not recommended.

Learn more about the process and benefits of powder coating by visiting www.coastalpowdercoat.ca

Technicians on standby. For more Information regarding Repairs & Servicing for WestCoast Custom Gates please contact us.